Task Force "Honor"


The mission of the Task Force "Honor" is to defend the good name of Polish Territorial Defense Forces (POL TDF) soldiers. Defamatory content not protected by the free speech laws will be subject to immediate legal action as permitted by the statues.

Due to the growing amount of insulting, derogatory and defamatory information in the public information domain that is detrimental to the good name of TDF soldiers and the formation itself, a task force was established to react to irresponsible statements made by public figures, influencers, or Internet users at large.

Several dozen soldiers answered the urgent announcement on the internal TDF communication platform (Territorial Defense Forces Information Portal) about reporting incidents to the task force. Using the full potential of Territorial Defense Force soldiers with legal and paralegal education and experience, and soldiers who navigate the Internet with ease, a legal rapid response group was created. Using their dual-use competences (legal profession and service to the Homeland), these TDF soldiers will protect the good name of their fellow service members. In addition to lawyers and law students, the team includes a former law enforcement officer, now a TDF soldier, who in his investigative work dealt with the prosecution of people slandering the good name of the Polish State Police. The chief of the Legal Branch (JAG) of the Territorial Defense Forces Command is responsible for coordinating the work of this team. Soldiers participating in this effort will be awarded additional promotion points.

The main tasks of this group include not only a reaction to the statements of public figures that clearly defame the honor of a soldier, but also searching for content in social media, and in comment sections under articles or posts. A team of specialists will also deal with content reported by the TDF soldiers, or by people heavily affected or offended by the content about our formation, which they came across on the Internet or in the media.

In addition, in the face of the hybrid threat, where the Internet is used to build hatred towards uniformed services, including soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces, and thus weakening the morale and imposing negative thought patterns in the society, social initiatives were created, such as www.obroncy.org (Defenders in Polish). Legal profession representatives offer free legal assistance to soldiers of the Polish Army, Border Guard officers and members of their families in the event of criminal threats against them.

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